Nissan New Micra - Reviews

12th January 2017

Countless young drivers have started off their motoring careers with the front wheel drive car and it is equally adored by more mature owners. Micra has always been functional but never desirable… until now!

The latest generation Micra will land in Ireland...

11th January 2017

Nissan's new Micra is now a totally different proposition.

This fifth generation is not just 'new', it's radically different in all areas.

Indeed, it is such a shift away in terms of looks, room, size and technology that, really, the...

10th January 2017

With the best will in the world, one does not expect to find desirability in a Nissan Micra. Ever since the boxy original was introduced in the 1980s, the Micra’s primary task has been to provide uncomplicated, inexpensive motoring to the less-demanding customer....

10th January 2017

Can you believe it? A small Nissan that looks desirable, drives with precision and verve and is still called Micra. We've driven the new star.

In the Metal: 

This is not a Micra as we know it. Nissan has chucked out the blue rinse and binned the Mass...

12th October 2016

Exclusive First Drive: Revamped car boasts eye-catching exterior, Qashqai-like interior and impressive engine.

First Leicester won the English Premiership. Then Donald Trump became a potential US president. Tipperary...

29th September 2016

Nissan promises that the new Micra is more sporty and more high-tech than ever before.

The Nissan Micra, unveiled in Paris in its fifth generation guise, is set to shake off the pension book special image of the old...